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Art Beyond

Business & Project Management

Let Art Beyond Support Your Creative Business

Art Beyond offers Creative Business Management and Project Management support. From consultations to get you pointed in the right direction, to full service support options, Art Beyond can handle administrative and logistic tasks getting you back to your creative practice knowing your to-do's are done right.

Business Management

Do you wish you were more organized, knew more about business management, or were more confident in the communication you send out? Let Art Beyond handle business for you.

  • Organization of Business Files

  • Tracking and Filing of Business Forms & Registrations

  • Professional Communication

  • Business Strategy & Ideation

  • Problem Solving

  • Project Management Support

Full Service Project Management

Do you wish you could just show up to your project and create? Let Art Beyond handle the rest.

  • Budget creation

  • Expense tracking

  • Client communication

  • Subcontractor communication

  • Planning of logistics

  • Supply/material procurement/ordering

  • Problem Solving

Pre-Project Mobilization

Do you struggle with getting the pre-project planning done? Let Art Beyond help you create a plan you can follow.

  • Create and refine budget for artist use

  • Plan logistics 

  • Create timeline and produce Gantt chart

  • Special consultation rate for duration of project

Blame Esther

Have you ever wished someone else would be the “bad guy” so you could stick up for yourself with a Client or sub-contractor? 

Creative Business Manager Esther Davidson will help you create a solution you can live with and happily take the blame to back you up.

  • Virtual consultation and/or problem solving session

  • Solution package including email communication to stakeholders

  • Special consultation rate for duration of project

Post-Project Review

Do you end a project and wonder if it was truly a success, where the money went, and how you can capitalize on it? Let Art Beyond help you find those answers.

  • Enter client provided expense receipts and information into budget spreadsheet

  • Virtual meeting to review budget vs actual

  • Final Client communication guidance


Interested in getting support for your project?

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