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Let Art Beyond Support Your Creative Business

Art Beyond offers Financial Management support to bring you peace of mind and ease as you grow your career.

Do you lack the time, knowledge, or desire to track all of your income and expenses? Have you ever wished you had an assistant just for those tasks? Let Art Beyond do it for you.

  • Create Monthly Business Monthly Budget 

  • Update Quickbooks monthly 

  • Review Monthly Income vs Expenses with Client 

  • Keep records up to date for year end tax purposes.

  • Discount on Creative Project Management services

  • Special consultation rate 

Monthly Financial Management
Monthly Financial Accountability

Do you want to keep your own books, enter your own expenses and track your own receipts but struggle with consistency? Let Art Beyond get you set up for success and keep you accountable.

  • Create Monthly Business Budget

  • Provide weekly accountability reminder emails with helpful tips and timely information

  • Review Monthly Income vs Expenses & Budget vs Actual 

  • Discount on Creative Project Management services

  • Special consultation rate

Art Beyond will help you stop the bleeding and turn your financial information into usable documentation for filing your taxes.

  • Review Income and Expenses

  • Enter information into Quickbooks for use by your accountant

*Creative Business Manager Esther Davidson is Quickbooks Certified. 

*Art Beyond Financial Management services require a Quickbooks subscription.

*Art Beyond does not file client tax returns but we can provide referrals.


Want more information or to find out which service is right for you?

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